Wholesale Banking Financial Resource Management, ED/MD

Global Bank, London, full time with flex
Reference: A/12770

A new role, sitting in the front office, working and reporting to the Wholesale CFO. Responsible for financial resource management across the resource matrix (for example LE/BS, RWA, UF, NSFR etc.), including resources at group and operating entity level covering day to day management and strategic initiatives.

Key focus areas

  • Strategic Analysis / Project Coordination – project manager/coordinator from front office perspective on projects such as FRTB, resource optimisation initiatives, return on resources analysis
  • MI Analysis and Development – review and development of financial resource MIS, explanations of key resource utilisation changes
  • Financial Resource Management Framework and Governance – review of framework with guidelines to ensure regional and product line consistency, projections reflecting pipeline transactions, ensure processes in place for management of usage within capacity and clear escalations protocols.


  • Solid understanding of financial resources and global wholesale business, ideally through similar hands on experience
  • Comfortable with big data analysis, first hand experience with complex system data flows

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