Front Office Risk Manager, Prime Brokerage, VP

Global Bank, London
Reference: A/13279
  • Part of the Financing Pricing and Risk Management team, providing risk analysis, structuring and pricing solutions across the Equity Prime Brokerage, FX Prime Brokerage, Global Synthetic Equity, Listed Derivatives Clearing and OTC Clearing businesses./13279
  • Manage counterpart and liquidity exposures for EMEA Prime Brokerage client base with a focus on FX and credit markets.
  • Manage distressed client situations, monitor client exposures, significant market events and key industry developments.
  • Assess new client portfolios, negotiate legal and margin terms, review profitability and understand key drivers of LRD and RWA, monitor client trading limits, develop new margin and risk models, provide internal risk reporting.
  • Requires 3-7 years’ experience in derivatives risk management or trading capacity, ability to understand and quantify key risks for forwards, swaps and options.
  • Fluent in stress testing and Value at Risk models.  Strong IT skills with coding knowledge and regular use of Python, VBA, SQL or C++

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